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Conduct negotiations with confidence. Live customer focus. Promote innovation.

  • Why is it so hard for us to implement markups in the market?
  • Our products are great, but our field service is having a rough time. Why?
  • How can we become more professional in dealing with customers?
  • Why do innovations take so long until they are launched?

No matter if it’s about the development of new products or of existinge projects in the market – what counts is the customers‘ perception of our products‘ benefit and the service we provide. Innovation processes, market positioning and the field service’s line of argument need to be aligned accordingly. To make sure the customer does not buy anything he doesn’t want, but is convinced of your offer – especially in B2B.

  • How can our experienced field service and inhouse teams become more professional in dealing with customers and negotiations?
  • How can we live customer focus even in difficult situations?
  • How can we further develop our processes, from product development to real innovation management?

Convincing instead of vending.

We offer consulting and practical solutions for the following topics:

The employees from field service, technical support and the inhouse team broaden their possibilities in dealing with customers based on the exchange of experiences. They receive an insight into the psychological background that empowers them to proactively shape customer relations and focus on success.

We use workshops to systematically develop the adequate positioning of products and define the concrete implementation during the launch with you.

Starting from innovation funnel, together we define the innovation process in a systematical way – including explicit responsibilities and phasegates.

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