Collaboration. Communication. Conflict Management.

  • We are a new team. How can we work together successfully ?
  • We are very different. How do we improve cohesion and communication within the team ?
  • How can we learn to communicate more effectively ?
  • Department X repeatedly did… How can we optimise interfaces with other teams ?
  • There is always quarrels in our team. How do we resolve the conflicts ?

Collaboration and Communication

Not only the tasks as such, but also the collaboration within and across teams are an important part of the employees‘ job satisfaction. However, good team communication and team spirit are not a given but need to be developed and fostered continually. We support teams with a neutral, external point of view. We help the team share their different perspectives on the team collaboration and enable a more in-depth appreciation and understanding. Understanding for each other, understanding of one’s own contribution as well as understanding of the team’s mandate.

We offer profound consulting and pragmatic solutions for the following topics:

Whether newly set up or long-established. Every team needs an outside perspective on their daily collaboration from time to time. A team development workshop or process helps reflect together expectations and experiences in order to work on issues, define ground rules, foster mindfulness and strengthen the cohesion. Together with you, we clarify goals, issues and the appropriate approach for the team development, which can be a one-time teambuilding workshop as well as a regular team supervision over a longer period of time.

In many specialized processes, different teams intertwine. To make this collaboration work, it is necessary to exchange experiences between the teams, give each other feedback and adjust the collaboration. We clarify the objectives and approach together with you and facilitate the workshops – to make the collaboration run smoothly!

Differences in a team provide the basis for a productive team dynamics. However, in some cases irreconcilable differences in the team have led to hostile fractions that disrupt the collaboration. Here, action needs to be taken! In these cases, we first talk to all involved employees before we develop developing suggestions for further steps of conflict management.

Communication and collaboration are not a given, but skills that need to be developed. In our cross-team trainings the participants learn how communication and collaboration work, and how they can contribute effectively and genuinely –  in a psychologically profound approach with a hands-on twist. These workshops are fun – and lead to noticeable improvements!

Team Feedback is a modification of 360° feedback with a subsequent teamworkshop. This intervention is especially helpful to prepare a team development workshop. Have a look at our leadership approach to 360° feedback, and feel free to ask us!

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